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Wrestling Forms Page

All wrestling forms needed for the 2019-20 season are listed below:

Preseason Memo to State Coaches - updated for 2019-20.

Dual Meet Team Schedule Form - Form A (Due by December 5th.) same for 2019-20.

Region Seeding Form - updated for 2019-20.

Directions for Completing Region Seeding Form  - same for 2019-20.

Dual Meet Entry Form - Form B (Due 24 hours before region duals.) updated for 2019-20.

Team Weight Chart - updated for 2019-20.

Notes and Directions for Team Weight Chartupdated for 2019-20.

NFHS Medical Release Form For Skin Lesion(s) - (Must SAVE first.)  same for 2019-20.

Weight Certification/Management Program - same for 2019-20.

Weight Certification Form - updated for 2019-20.

Weigh-In Form - same for 2019-20.