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Student Leadership Conference

The MPSSAA Student-Athlete Leadership Conference Committee has decided not to host a state-wide conference, and instead, to assist districts/counties in developing its own leadership conference to fit the needs of the students in their jurisdiction.  The goals of the MPSSAA's student-athlete leadership initiative will be to continue to develop student leadership skills that enhance sportsmanship, promote teamwork, time management, perspective, inclusion, healthy lifestyles, and community service.  These positive values have been well-documented through research as benefits of participating in interscholastic athletics. 

Conference History:

The MPSSAA has held an annual Student-Leadership Conference for the past ten years and 2020 would have been the eleventh conference.  Past conferences have been held at:

2010: Oakland Mills HS
2011: New Town HS
2012: Reservoir HS
2013: Laurel HS
2014: North County HS
2015: North County HS
2016: Gaithersburg HS
2017-19: Howard HS
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control with the COVID-19 pandemic  the 2020 MPSSAA Student-Athlete Leadership Conference will not take place on June 13th as originally planned.  Typically, registration information is sent out to member school Athletic Directors and posted in the menu on the left hand side of this page.  Registration is only to be done by member school Athletic Directors with their username and password.  Each school is permitted up to three student delegates to be registered by their Athletic Director by the deadline.  If spaces are still available after that date, our office will communicate that to all Athletic Directors so that all available spaces are utilized.  
The conference was held at the end of the school year in order to provide a positive kick-off to the upcoming fall interscholastic athletics sports season.  Annually nearly 140 schools participated with over 400 student-athletes in attendance.   The structure of the conference provides student interaction through dynamic guest speakers and breakout sessions where students work with one another and share ideas.  Students will develop ideas to create solutions for enhancing sportsmanship, leadership, and community involvement that they can take back and implement in their own school setting.