About Us

     In its 77th year, The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association operates in conjunction with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and the 24 local school systems to provide interscholastic participation opportunities to more than 111,000 student-athletes at 199 public high schools.
     Originated in 1946, the MPSSAA adopted its constitution on April 21, 1951 and has had 16 amendments.  The MPSSAA derives its authority from the MSDE and the 24 local schools systems.  For administration purposes, the MPSSAA is divided into nine districts. These nine districts send representation to the Board of Control, Executive Council and other standing committees.  
     Presiding over the association is an Executive Director and a staff appointed by MSDE. The staff, under the Executive Director's instruction, consists of an Assistant Director, Program Specialist, Coordinator of Officials, and an Administrative Assistant.  In addition, an MPSSAA President is nominated every two years from one of the local school systems to oversee the operation of the MPSSAA, Board of Control, and Executive Council.

     The MPSSAA President, MPSSAA staff along with the Board of Control and Executive Council carries out the philosophy and purposes of the association, including making interscholastic athletics part of the entire educational program, continually developing programs to promote physical and mental safety as well as protection from exploitation and to promote fair competition and sportsmanship with all those involved.

    The MPSSAA is a self-sufficient organization. The MPSSAA does not receive revenue or funds from state subsidies (taxpayer funds), school dues, tournament entry fees or publication fees. The MPSSAA does generate revenue from gate receipts from selected regional and state tournament games, sponsorships, rule book sales to outside groups, media rights, official's registration and souvenir sales.

     Generated revenue is deposited with MSDE and is administered in accordance with state policies and procedures. Funds are then distributed from the account and directed towards tournament expenses (facility rental, security, awards, and special equipment), publications, salaries, meeting space, school travel reimbursement, rules clinics, insurance, district subsidies, office expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses necessary for the daily and yearly operation of the association.