MPSSAA Publications and Content

The MPSSAA Publications and Content are provided to member schools as a valuable resource for referencing the MPSSAA Constitution, State bylaws pertaining to interscholastic athletics, MPSSAA tournament policies, MPSSAA sport committees, MPSSAA standing committees, calendars, and many more resourceful information.  

The MPSSAA Handbook and Calendar are updated annually in the summer and provide to member schools.  Online versions are updated throughout the year based on changes to committees and school personnel.  Sport bulletins are published throughout the year.  


                MPSSAA Handbook                              MPSSAA 2021-2022 Calendar                      MPSSAA 2021 Fall Bulletins

      Handbook_2021-22_Cover                  Calendar_2122_Calendar                  Fall_Bulletin_Cover


         MPSSAA 2021-22 Winter Bulletin              MPSSAA 2022 Spring Bulletin


        Winter_Bulletin_Cover_21                 Spring_Bulletin_Cover



            MPSSAA Fall Record Book                      MPSSAA Winter Record Book                     MPSSAA Spring Record Book

      Record_Book_Fall_Cover                  Record_Book_Winter_Cover                  Record_Book_Spring_Cover