Record Books

     Welcome to the MPSSAA Record Books landing page.  Here you will find tournament results and records for all of our State Championships.  In some cases, you will find a few sports with regular season performance records as well.  This only occurs in those instances where a committee or volunteer has taken it upon themselves to collect and maintain this information.
     There are instances where information may be missing, usually in the earliest years.  We welcome any assistance we can get in filling in those blanks.  If you have concrete proof of missing results or names OR if you spot any potential errors or discrepancies, please send those to the attention of Jill Masterman, Program Specialist.

Fall Record Book - Updated 1/2/20.

Winter Record Book - Updated 5/5/20.

Spring Record Book - Updated 5/19/20.

NFHS National Record Book

NFHS National Record Applications