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Official MPSSAA Game Balls

(For 2017-18 School Year)

Baseball Sponsor: Wilson 

     Official Ball: Wilson A1010BPROSST 

Basketball Sponsor: Spalding 

     Official Ball: Spalding TF-1000 Classic

Field Hockey Sponsor: Longstreth

     Official Ball: Longstreth Chingford multi-turf balls or Longstreth TK multi-turf ball

Football Sponsor: Wilson 

     Official Ball: Wilson F1003GST 

Lacrosse Sponsor: Warrior
     Official Balls: Warrior Boys Lacrosse Ball (White) NLBN120WH &

                             Warrior Girls Lacrosse Ball (Yellow) NLBN120YL

Soccer Sponsor: Brine
     Official Ball: Brine Championship Soccer Ball
Softball Sponsor: Dudley

     Official Ball: OPTIC YELLOW version of Dudley SB12LND-FP  

Tennis Sponsor: Wilson

     Official Ball: Wilson T1001

Volleyball Sponsor: Spalding 
     Official Ball: Spalding VB-5 (With red, white, and black panels.)