Respect the Game

     The ultimate indicator of the value of school athletic programs must be the level of citizenship displayed by those who participate.  Hence, teaching and exhibiting good sportsmanship is the fundamental objective of our program.

     The "Respect the Game" initiative speaks to the heart of sportsmanship.  There are no fancy strategies or lofty exhortations.  There are no official pronouncements or haughty platitudes.  The message is simple and direct.  Let all of our actions be guided by respect.  To achieve that goal, everyone is targeted in a way that relates to their individual circumstances yet collectively achieves a common goal.

     This initiative offers a few key points as a reminder that everyone has a role to play in educationally-related athletics.  The MPSSAA invites you to use the resources listed under "Respect The Game" in the menu on the left in your efforts towards promoting good citizenship through sportsmanship.  There can be no greater objective for us all.

     What follows are descriptions of the MPSSAA Publications related to our "Respect the Game" program which are available in their entirety in this section of the website or click on the links below.

     The first book, Respect The Game, details the collective effort by all parties associated with interscholastic athletics and their responsibility towards promoting and providing an environment that embraces student achievement through participation.   

     The second book, Coaches Leading The Way, is directed towards those who have the most influence and contact with the student-athletes.  It is a reminder of the coach's role as a leader, role model, and mentor to our youth and how their actions, whether known or unknown, carry impressions and mold the program they represent. 

     The third book, For Student-Athletes, Created by Student-Athletes, was developed by the inaugural MPSSAA Student Leadership Delegation.  As part of their action plan from the NFHS Student Leadership Conference, they collectively designed this book to be distributed to at least one captain of each varsity sport in the member high schools across Maryland.  The book focuses on not only what student-athletes wish others knew about why they participate but also what it means to be a student leader and the responsibilities that come with being a student-athlete. 

      The MPSSAA encourages everyone to embrace this initiative and assist in furthering its message by doing their utmost as an individual to Respect the Game.