All public high schools in Maryland who qualify under the rules and regulations of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association may become members.  Currently, there are 200 public high schools that are members of the Association.  A school having become a member of the MPSSAA shall continue as a member until such time as it withdraws its membership.

MPSSAA Membership Benefits

     •    No annual membership dues.

     •    No tournament entry fees.

     •    Reimbursement for some travel expenses to regional and state tournaments.

     •    Each school receives free rule books and free access to handbooks, bulletins, calendars, and other publications               annually.

     •    School personnel (Superintendents, Athletic Coordinators, Principals, Athletic Directors
          and Coaches), through district representation, determine contest rules and regulations,
          organize state high school tournaments, hear appeals on rulings, develop

          classifications, and approve of financial decisions.

     •    In addition to the 24 state championships conducted annually, the MPSSAA hosts a
          Student-Athlete Leadership Conference and provides over $12,000 annually in college

          scholarships through the Minds in Motion Scholarship program.

     •    The MPSSAA provides complimentary passes to coaches for free admission into region

          and state contests.

Non-Member Schools

     All non-member schools wishing to compete against MPSSAA member schools must complete, submit for approval, and adhere to the Maryland State Department of Education "Standards of Competition" on an annual basis.  The most current list of approved non-member schools can be found on the "Sanctioning" page.  Additional information on the "Standards of Competition" can also be found on the "Sanctioning" page.