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2024 Tennis State Championships

The MPSSAA Tennis State Championships returned to the Wilde Lake Tennis Club for the 2024 event after a renovation sent us to a temporary site last year. A big thank you to Wilde Lake High School, located right next door, for hosting some quarterfinal matches on their courts.
The championships were held May 23 - 25. Day 1 for Classes 3A and 4A got off to a wet start, with many matches barely out on the courts for 20 minutes before showers forced the players off.  Waiting for the rain to stop and courts to dry a bit took a couple hours before helpers could promote the drying through the use of rolling squeegees and air blowers.  Shoutout to the host site for acquiring more blowers to help the cause!  Matches had to be pushed, but due to superb planning by the state committee members in charge, all finals were set by Day 3.
Although Centennial tied Poolesville for the Class 2A title, even after the tiebreak procedure was utilized, this trophy marks Poolesville's third state championship in a row.  Broadneck also finished tied with Winston Churchill, but the tiebreak procedure ultimately named Broadneck the champion, giving them back-to-back titles.

Team Champions

Class 1A – Williamsport
Class 2A – TIE:  Centennial & Poolesville
Class 3A – Thomas S. Wootton
Class 4A – Broadneck

Champions by Discipline

Class 1A
Boys Singles – Hunter Liao, Boonsboro (3x Consecutive Champion)
Girls Singles – Lauren Toms, Williamsport
Boys Doubles – Arjun Mistry/Hayden Speace, Liberty
(Mistry previously won in 2022 with a different partner.)
Girls Doubles – Caroline Aliftiras/Audrey Lillycrop, South Carroll
Mixed Doubles – Sydney Mossman/Michael Mooney, South Carroll
Class 2A
Boys Singles – Andy Wu, Poolesville (Repeat Champion)
Girls Singles – Shivaani Selvan, Hammond
Boys Doubles – Jeeva Padmanaban/William Chen, Poolesville
(Padmanabhan previously won in 2021 and 2023 with different partners.)
Girls Doubles – Michelle Fradlin/Joanna Blackman, Centennial
(Fradlin and Blackman are champions again, but they won in Class 3A last year. Fradlin also previously won in 2021 with a different partner.)
Mixed Doubles – Ariela Dumesh/Vijay Jagarapu, Centennial
Class 3A
Boys Singles – Mukundh Boopathi, Marriotts Ridge
Girls Singles – Kiersten Tambe, Reservoir
Boys Doubles – Carson Campbell/Roger He, River Hill
(He is a repeat champion, but won with a different partner last year.)
Girls Doubles – Adelaide Houston/Adele Lair, River Hill
(Houston previously won in 2022 with a different partner. Lair previously won Mixed Doubles in 2023.)
Mixed Doubles – Naomi Esterowitz/Anthony Hall, Thomas S. Wootton
(Esterowitz previously won Class 4A Girls Doubles in 2022 and 2023)
Class 4A
Boys Singles – Bert Mackey, Winston Churchill
Girls Singles – Olivia Mellynchuk, Broadneck (Repeat Champion)
Boys Doubles – Aakash Deodhar/Roshan Deodhar, Winston Churchill
Girls Doubles – Ellen Bu/Jiajing Zheng, Richard Montgomery
Mixed Doubles – Anissa Jean-Claude/Charlie Ernst, Broadneck
Please visit Tennis State Championship Central for complete results.
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