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Wrestling Coaches Asked To Vote On Weight Class Options

The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) has asked state associations to give their opinion on two weight class options.  The MPSSAA is asking the state wrestling committee representatives to poll coaches in their jurisdiction regarding their opinion.


MPSSAA head wrestling coaches are encouraged to contact their state committee district representative with their choice of the below options.  The results of each district will be presented at the February 2  MPSSAA wrestling committee meeting in order to provide the NFHS with a response from Maryland.


One option is the current weight classes - the other is "Option A", listed below.
Current         Option A
103             106
112             113
119             120
125             126
130             132
135             138
140             145
145             152
152             160
160             170
171             182
189             195
215             220
285             285
As you may recall, the NFHS presented several options to states last year, and based on feedback they received, they have narrowed the options to two (status quo, and Option A).
A few notes on the options indicates that, in essence, an "additional" weight class has been added at the top (note that in the status quo, there are 6 weight classes after 145; in Option A there are 7 weight classes after 145).  Also, Option A seems to have a greater degree of consistency between weight classes.  Though in Option A the minimum weight class would be raised to 106, there is 7 pound gap between the first two weight classes instead of 9 pound gap (103-112).
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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