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Student-Athletes Leave 2016 Conference Inspired To Lead!!

August 5, 2016 10:00 AM

     The 2016 Student-Leadership Conference set the tone for the new school year by inspiring the attendees to be leaders not only on their teams, but in their school, and community.  By all accounts, this year's event was another resounding success, thanks to the sponsorship of The Allstate Foundation!!  Another big thank you to DAVCO and Wendy's for providing a healthy and hearty lunch for all and to Gaithersburg HS and their staff, led by Athletic Director Jason Woodward for hosting this year's event in their beautiful facility. 

    The conference featured nationally recognized motivational speakers Greg Dale from Duke University and magician Stephen Bargatze.  In addition, statewide athletic administrators facilitated workshops for student-athletes to help them to develop student leadership skills that enhance sportsmanship, promote teamwork, time management, perspective, inclusion, healthy lifestyles, and community service.  These positive values have been well-documented through research as benefits of participating in interscholastic athletics.

     In addition, The Allstate Foundation was on hand to encourage students not text and drive through their "Xthe TXT" progam.  The Allstate Foundation also promoted community service and provided the opportunity for students to "walk the talk" with their Community Challenge where school supplies were packaged up for an elementary school in each of the nine MPSSAA districts.  We cannot wait until next year's conference!! Further information may be found on the MPSSAA website.

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