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State Championship Update - 11.11.22 (12:30 p.m.)

The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA)  continues to monitor the weather as it relates to this weekend’s state championships.  Please note the following important information regarding the championship event this weekend which at this time will take place as scheduled.    Update as of 12:30 p.m. on 11.11.22.


Friday Soccer Semifinals - All State Semifinal games are on as schedule for Friday, November 11, 2022. 


Saturday, November 12, 2022 - All Saturday Soccer, Field Hockey, and Cross Country events are on as scheduled.

Volleyball - All volleyball games shall take place as schedule by the two competing schools. Any modifications shall come from the two school systems.

Football -

The MPSSAA Football Bulletin, as approved by the Board of Control, specifically takes into account instances of extreme weather conditions.     

Page 28 states:

"Should a game be postponed for extreme weather conditions, it will be rescheduled. Friday games will be moved to Saturday; Saturday games will be moved to Monday. When a schedule/or site change is necessary, the region tournament director, in consultation with both schools, will establish the best schedule, site, and game combination to expedite the tournament in that particular region. When conflicts occur, the Supervisors of Athletics for the competing schools will make the final decision."

All schools should be following the bulletin for regional round 2 football contests.  

Cross Country Reminders

Parking:  Parking will be available at the facilities in designated non-paved fields adjacent to the high school. Please follow school personnel regarding all parking locations.  As in year’s past when inclement weather has immediately preceded the event, the MPSSAA encourages schools and spectators to plan accordingly based on potential impacts to the traditional field parking areas.  


  • Spectators should make plans to car pool as best as possible.  Also consider meeting at the local park and ride and take one vehicle to the school.  
  • Spectators should strongly consider having a 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle for field parking.  


Course:  Cross Country participants should stay off flagged areas during the course walk in order to maintain the integrity and safety of the course prior to the races. Due to the inclement weather, it is recommended that runners should wear longer spikes in their shoes to provide the best traction.


Tents:  The MPSSAA and meet administrators will be monitoring wind on Saturday.  All tents must be weighted and staked down.  Teams may be asked to drop or take down tents.  A decision will be made the day of the event if tents will be permitted based on wind forecasts.  


Health and Safety:  The MPSSAA has contracted for athletic trainers and EMT’s onsite.  Please make sure all athletes eat and hydrate properly, avoid caffeinated and entry drinks, and have a warm and dry set of clothes for after their race.  


Be Prepared:  Students and Coaches should be prepared when they leave their bus for the weather conditions of the day.  Please have ample warm clothing, the ability to stay dry, comfortable, and hydrated.  The awards ceremony will take place outside near the rear of the baseball field dugout. There will be limited access to any inside portion of the facility, so all coaches and students should be prepared to be outside in the elements for the duration of the championship.     



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