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State Board Approves MPSSAA COMAR Amendments

MPSSAA Amendments Approved by the State Board

The Maryland State Board of Education approved at their July 26, 2022, meeting proposed amendments by the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) to the COMAR 13A.06.03 interscholastic athletic regulations.  The approved regulations will take effect on August  22, 2022.

The amendments:

  • Strike the language that requires all school athletic teams to have their schedules set by the first available playdate to provide greater flexibility in scheduling options for local school systems;
  • Allow for schools to participate in National Federation of State High School (NFHS) and MPSSAA sanctioned events outside the defined sport season; and
  • Allow local school systems to sponsor summer camps to encourage student participation and provide equitable access to skill development sessions. 

The fundamental rationale behind the MPSSAA’s changes is to expand the opportunities of student-athletes under the umbrella of the local school system.  The MPSSAA believes the local school system has the ability to oversee these participation options, which will provide the following benefits to these interscholastic programs:

  • Student-athlete engagement (academic and athletic)
  • Access to summer camp instruction for all students regardless of socioeconomic status
  • Increased student-athlete participation
  • Coaches' ability to supervise and instruct as a program
  • Increased opportunity for student recruitment
  • Codify equitable participation opportunities for all students

The process found in COMAR 13A.06.03.11 Amendments for amending the athletic regulations specifies that “amendments approved by the MPSSAA shall be forwarded to the State Superintendent of Schools who will receive recommendations from local superintendents of schools before the State Superintendent of Schools submits recommendations to the State Board of Education.”  The MPSSAA Board of Control and local superintendents of schools unanimously endorsed these proposed amendments, which were presented to the State Board for consideration.

Originated in 1946, The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association operates in conjunction with the Maryland State Department of Education and the 24 local educational agencies to provide interscholastic participation opportunities to more than 111,000 student-athletes at 200 public high schools annually.

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