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MPSSAA Mourns The Passing Of Trailblazer Mildred Murray

March 30, 2017 03:20 PM
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The MPSSAA is saddened by the news of the passing of Mildred H. Murray yesterday, 3/29.  Mrs. Murray began her 43-year career as a teacher and coach prior to serving as the Supervisor of Girls Secondary Physical Education and Athletics in the Baltimore County Public Schools from 1961-1977 and then as Coordinator of Physical Education and Athletics until her retirement in 1991.  Not only did Mildred serve the MPSSAA as the first female President (1978-80), she served as the first State Committee Director for Volleyball and Girls Basketball (1972-1991) along with being the first State Committee Director for Field Hockey (1974), Softball (1975), and Girls Lacrosse (1983).

     Most impressively, Mildred was a pioneer for girls interscholastic sports and championed equity for both boys and girls programs prior to the passing of Title IX.  Mrs. Murray "walked the talk" and put her time and energy into organizing the first State Championships for public high school girls in Maryland in the sports of basketball, volleyball, field hockey, softball, and lacrosse.  She was also instrumental in the creation of the first MPSSAA tournament sportsmanship awards for basketball.  The Girls Basketball tournament sportsmanship award has carried her name since 1982 and honors the ideal that the way the game is played is more important than winning.  In addition, Mildred served as a much needed mentor to many women in the field of physical education and the burgeoning landscapes of coaching and athletic administration as school systems navigated the Title IX waters during her tenure.  Students, teachers, coaches, and administrators continue to benefit from Mrs. Murray's legacy with high school interscholastic sports today and will do so for many years to come.  

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