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MPSSAA Mourns the Passing of Milly Wilson


The MPSSAA learned this morning the passing of Milly Wilson.  Ms. Wilson, a former Baltimore County physical education teacher and coach, volunteered a tremendous amount of time to the MPSSAA for 47 consecutive years. 

Milly Wilson Presented With NFHS State Distinguished Service Award

In 2016, the MPSSAA awarded Milly with the National Federation of State High School Associations' State Award for Outstanding Service.  Milly was a staunch supporter of encouraging female participation, having worked annually at the girls basketball championships, girls volleyball championships, girls field hockey state tournaments, and girls lacrosse state tournaments during those 47 years.  

Milly in accepting her NFHS Award told former Baltimore Sun reporter Katherine Dunn in 2016 (MPSSAA Honors Milly Wilson for more than 40 years of service), "she doesn't have a favorite moment that stands out over the years, but she has enjoyed hearing the many stories of people she sees every year at the tournaments.  

Milly for many years controlled the MPSSAA state tournament brackets, collecting scores from around the state before cell phones, text messages, and social media.  Her reliability ensured smooth administration of the MPSSAA State Tournaments.  

The MPSSAA will be forever indebted to the service of Ms. Wilson.  Please keep Milly and her family in your thoughts.  

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