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MPSSAA Announces New Partnership with Neptune GameTime

The MPSSAA is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Neptune GameTime. The goal is to add to the already exciting state championship experience. This new venture will also help state tournament administrators focus on the event itself. There will be no more stress about finding time to screen music, worrying about whether the provided music is appropriate for the general audience. Game day messaging can also be personalized on the platform for each event. For a great description of what GameTime provides, please continue below.

No More Screening Music
Never worry about inappropriate music at your athletic events again. With a music library featuring over 39,000 lyric-safe songs, GameTime ensures your soundtrack is always spot-on. No more awkward moments or uncomfortable surprises – just seamless, energizing music.

Personalize Your Gameday
GameTime empowers you to take control of your gameday messaging. Whether it's extending a warm welcome to the opposing team, fostering good sportsmanship, or promoting your concession stand, you have the freedom to decide what your fans hear. 

Boost Your Revenue
GameTime goes beyond enhancing the game day experience; it's also a powerful revenue generator. Through ads and sponsorships, you can help support your athletic program financially. What's even better? You get to keep 100% of the money you make.

If you’re interested in how you can make Neptune GameTime a part of your game day atmosphere, please contact Richie Huval (

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