Roadmap for Return of Interscholastic Athletics (COVID-19 Updates)

MPSSAA Athletics Update Page


The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association continues to provide guidance for local school systems (LSS) to provide a continuity of participation in athletics and activities in a safe and controlled environment.  The MPSSAA is committed to continuously work with the State Superintendent of Schools, LSS, the medical community, and counterpart state associations to develop plans that will return these highly educational programs with a goal of maximizing student participation.  This page will serve as a resource for the MPSSAA community to track the current efforts for the return of athletics and activities and next steps for the association.   


2021-2022 Current Status:

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

  1. Local School Systems are encouraged to use the layered approach found in the Maryland Department of Health and the Maryland State Department of Education K12 School and Childcare Covid-19 Guidance.  (Revised October 27, 2021)

  2. All participants, coaches, officials, athletic administrators, spectators, and any other individual present at any interscholastic athletic practice or competition must adhere to the local school system policies and procedures for COVID-19 mitigation.   

  3. The MPSSAA, at its discretion, may implement additional individual team and sport mitigation strategies to further reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 based on the most recent guidance of the Maryland Department of Health.

  4. Multi-Jurisdictional Competition - Each local school system may have implemented COVID-19 policies and procedures in place in accordance with Maryland Department of Health, MPSSAA, and local school and health department requirements.  During any multi-jurisdictional competition, the policies and procedures of the hosting sites jurisdiction shall be followed by all competing schools.  When conflicts arise in which representatives, including but not limited to coaches, participants, and spectators, are not following the mandated COVID-19 policies and procedures of the local school system, the site director in collaboration with school administration shall have the authority to:           

    a. Initially provide a warning to those not in compliance to adhere to the local school system policies.

    b. Suspend the competition and refer the conflict to Supervisors of Athletics for resolution.    

    c.  Unresolved matters shall be refered to the the MPSSAA Executive Director.

  5. Shared Responsibility - Games and Events will be contested on the basis of shared responsibilities.  Personnel from the visiting schools must accept their joint responsibilities with the persons in charge for the supervision and maintenance of behavior on the part of students, spectators, and participants.  This includes COVID-19 mitigation policies and procedures, good sportsmanship, exemplary behavior, and protection of property before, during and after each contest.

  6. Point of Emphasis - The MPSSAA would like to make a point of emphasis for coaches.  Coaches are reminded that you set the tone for your team and are the foremost influential figures representing your school.  Your adherence and the adherence of your team and school to the mitigation requirements and recommendations will be a determining factor on the ability of these programs to continue operating within the modifications caused by COVID-19.    

  7. COVID-19 Exposure During the Tournament - All local school system policies will be followed related to a COVID-19 positive case or exposure during the state tournament.  The following procedures will be utilized for determining the continuity of participation if one of these situations occurs.  

a. If a team is unable to advance in the state tournament due to COVID-19 the following shall occur. 
i. If the teams have not played each other, the non-COVID team will advance to the next round of competition.
ii. If the teams have played each other and the advancing team cannot proceed due to COVID, the team scheduled to play next will receive a bye/forfeit and advance to the subsequent round.
b. If a school has difficulty after the state tournament begins and the school must withdraw from the tournament the following shall occur.  
i. If a team/individual has entered the state tournament and must withdraw for reasons other than COVID, leave the field of play before the completion of a contest, or fails to continue play when eligible to do so, it will be considered conduct detrimental to the state tournament and penalties may be imposed.
ii. When a team/individual competes and loses during the state tournament, the losing team/individual does not advance if the winning team/individual is unable to compete in the next round. The next round game will become a forfeit and the team scheduled to play will advance to the next round. 


Announcements and Updates:


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