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How To "Think Pink" Within Game Rules

     The MPSSAA is frequently consulted regarding athletic teams participating in activities promoting Breast Cancer Awareness or other worthy observances. The Association supports these activities as an appropriate activity and is committed to working with sponsoring teams to identify activities that allow them to participate without compromising the National Federation rules of the game for the sport.
     For example, in basketball, the rules of the game require the home team to wear white jerseys. As a result, several teams have created a white home uniform with pink numbers and trim. A pink basketball is not permitted except for a ceremonial opening tap.
     The following lists describe some ways that school teams might observe Breast Cancer Awareness within the playing rules for that sport (Note: Most of the rules codes require State permission for uniform observances. Be sure to check with the MPSSAA for specifics regarding your sport.):
Football: Pink headbands, wristbands, shoe laces, towels, and receiver gloves (with NOCSAE or NFHS tag).
Volleyball: Pink jerseys (libero must contrast) with numbers on front and back and ball, if stamped with NFHS authenticating mark.
Field Hockey: Pink shoelaces, pink hair control devices, pink ribbon on shirt, pink tape on stick,  pink warm-ups, pink arm band, pink ribbon ""painted"" on arm, and pink ball, if NFHS authenticated.
Soccer: Light pink jersey (until 2013), undergarments, headbands, wristbands, and shoe laces.
Basketball: Pink basketball is not permitted.  Pink shoes, pink laces, commemorative patch (if correct size and placement), POSSIBLY pink wrist bands, pink head bands, and home jerseys could be white with pink numbers/trim.
Wrestling: Sticker on ear guards and a patch/ ribbon on uniform (Check with Rules Interpreter.).
Track: Pink headbands, wristbands, socks, shoes, visible single solid color undergarments (relay team and cross country must match if more than one team member wearing), uniform must be school-issued, and pink hats (unless prohibited by the Games Committee).
Swimming: (Check with Rules Interpreter).
Baseball: Pink jersey, undershirt, hats, ribbon on jersey, batting glove, shoe laces, and wristbands.
Softball: Pink jersey, batting glove, hair control device, socks, shoe laces, batting glove, shoes, and wristbands.
Boys Lacrosse: Pink jersey, shorts, socks, warm-up sweatpants & shirts, arm band, shoe laces, mouth guard, and memorial patch or helmet sticker issued by the school.
Girls Lacrosse: Pink shirts, pink shoelaces, shoes, hair control devices, ribbon on shirt, tape on stick, warm-ups, and arm band.
These guidelines will be housed on our "Publications" page for future reference.  If you have any additional questions, please contact our Coordinator of Officials, Bill Burroughs, at 410-767-0375 or 
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