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Girl's Cross Country Championship Results

The girl's cross country championships were held today at Hereford High School.

4A Results:

1st place:  CM Wright  96

2nd place:  Roosevelt  97


Individual Winners:

1st place: Teshika Rivers  Roosevelt  19:17

2nd place:  Britt Eckerstrom  Northwest  19:18

3rd place: Louise Hannallah  Churchill  19:25

4th place: Dominique Lockhart  Roosevelt  19:28

5th place: Veronica Salcido  Wootton  19:37


3A Results:

1st place: Howard 69

2nd place: Hereford 73


Individual Winners:

1st place: Kristen Malloy  Hereford  19:36

2nd place: Elyse Borisko  Howard 19:40

3rd place: Addie Tousley  BCC  20:10

4th place: Cori Dimes Hereford  20:32

5th place: Lindsay Chetelat  Stephen Decatur  20:41


2A Results:

1st place:  River Hill  40

2nd place:  Century  66


Individual Winers:

1st place: Katie Harman  River Hill  19:54

2nd place:  Maura Linde  Century  19:59

3rd place: Beckey Yep  Mt. Hebron  20:40

4th place: Patyon Lawrence  River Hill  20:57

5th place:  Allison Dearie  Century  21:06


1A Results:

1st place:  South Carroll  69

2nd place:  Bohemia Manor  95


Individual Results

1st place:  Lauryn Macfawn  Allegany  19:38

2nd place: Jenn Cleary  Bohemia Manor  20:33

3rd place: Sara Fisher  Brunswick  20:43

4th place: Amanda Twigg  Fort Hill  20:48

5th place:  Cara Richardson  Perryville  21:02



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