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Classification Committee Proposal For 2013-15

     The MPSSAA Classification Committee met on November 1st to verify class groupings and recommend region alignments for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years. The Committee not only reviewed numerical and geographical clustering but also focused on extensive travel requirements for a significant number of potential opponents.  See the links above to view the grades 9-11 enrollment figures for all member schools as well as the proposed region alignments.
     Extensive regional travel creates loss of instructional time, higher travel costs, and late bus trips on school nights. Given those concerns, the Committee has strongly recommended to the MPSSAA Board of Control the implementation of sectional divisions within each region.
     For playoff purposes, teams would compete within their assigned section with the two sectional winners emerging to compete for the Region Championship. The Classification Committee noted that the sectional concept has been used successfully in several regions already.  Please note that the Football playoffs will not be affected by this proposal.
     Final action on the proposed region alignments along with the sectional component will be acted upon at the December MPSSAA Board of Control meeting. Once approved, the Executive Council will provide the particulars concerning Region Championship contests.
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