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Another Field Hockey Eyewear Clarification

     The implementation of the new NFHS field hockey protective eyewear rule has recently raised another point of clarification pertaining to the visible imprint of the approved ASTM standard on the goggles.  This is in addition to the previous questions raised regarding the use of tinted goggles and the use of goggles on penalty corners.  Select the link above for the full text of the NFHS memo regarding this latest issue. (updated 9/1/11)

     The first point of clarification is that any field hockey eyewear meeting the ASTM F2713-09 standard can be worn by players, including those with tinted polycarbonate lenses.  There is no rule stipulating only clear lenses, like there is in some other sports.

     The second point of clarification is that in Maryland, only the new ASTM-approved field hockey eyewear will be worn by goal line defenders on penalty corners.  Full, protective facemasks are NOT permitted to be worn alone or in conjunction with the new goggles. The reason for this is that there is currently no international or domestic testing standards/protocol for facemasks and the protective eyewear manufacturers did not have their products tested with facemasks.

     The newest point of clarification is that goggles imprinted with an abbreviated form of the ASTM standard label are still acceptable.  Therefore, goggles with a label that says ASTM 2713 or F2713 still meet the new standard and are legal to wear for practice and competition.

     The MPSSAA continues to closely monitor the progress of this new rule and will provide additional updates as needed.

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