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2007 Boy's Cross Country State Championship Results

The 2007 MPSSAA Boy's Cross Country state finals were ran on Saturday, November 10 at Hereford High School.

4A Results:

1st place:  Quince Orchard 47

2nd place:  Northwest  117


Individual Winners:

1st place: Andrew Palmer Walt Whitman  16:36

2nd place:  David Laratta Quince Orchard  16:43

3rd place: Neal Darmody  Quince Orchard  16:59

4th place: Antonio Palmer  Gaithersburg 17:00

5th place: Sumanth Kuppalli  Perry Hall  17:00

3A Results:

1st place: Bethesda-CC 89

2nd place: Wilde Lake 90


Individual Winners:

1st place: Joey Thompson  Howard  16:16

2nd place: Dyland Bernard  Urbana 16:41

3rd place: Graham Bazell  Atholton  16:54

4th place: Wil Zahorodny  Damascus  16:59

5th place: Dylan Straughan  Bethesda - CC  17:03


2A Results:

1st place:  River Hill  57

2nd place:  Francis Scott Key  77


Individual Winners:

1st place:  Kyle Andrews  Oakland Mills  16:33

2nd place:  Craig Morgan  River Hill  16:45

3rd place:  Arthur Leathers  Francis Scott Key  16:48

4th place:  Zach Holz  Francis Scott Key  16:51

5th place: Jordan White  Francis Scott Key  16:58


1A Results:

1st place:  Glenelg  77

2nd place:  South Carroll  93


Individual Winners:

1st place: Ryan Bowser  Northern-G  16:39

2nd place: Corey Centofonti  Smithsburg  16:49

3rd place: Michael Lilley  Williamsport  17:07

4th place: Ceth Parker  Catoctin  17:17

5th place:  Jake Zamostny  South Carroll  17:21



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