For the purpose of competition parity in events coordinated by the MPSSAA, member schools are divided as equally as possible into four classifications based on enrollment.  Enrollment numbers are submitted to the MPSSAA Executive Director by November 1st by each local Superintendent and include the actual enrollment of grades 9, 10, 11 in each of the MPSSAA member schools as of September 30th, in each even-numbered year.  The Classification Committee and the Executive Director of the MPSSAA present a recommendation of classifications of member schools to the MPSSAA Board of Control for adoption.

     The MPSSAA's schools are broken evenly into four classifications as follows:

  • 4A = Top 25 percent based on enrollment.
  • 3A = Next 25 percent based on enrollment.
  • 2A = Next 25 percent based on enrollment.
  • 1A = Lowest 25 percent based on enrollment.

     If, in this calculation, two or more schools with equal enrollments fall between classifications, they are placed in the lower classification.   Once schools are broken into classifications, they are then then aligned into regions based on the following guidelines:

  1. Regions/sections should be numerically balanced as best as possible.
  2. Regions/sections should be geographically clustered as best as possible.
  3. Schools with the same city/county/conference should be aligned in the same region whenever possible.
  4. For the purpose of state championship equity in any sport, the following criteria should be used for determining the equity of classifications:
  • The percentage of participating schools to the total number of schools that compete in a sport should be determined for each classification.
  • If there is a 10 percent or greater difference between two classifications within a sport, new classification alignments shall be developed.
  • Classifications shall be divided as equally as possible based on enrollment. 
  1. Sport committees shall recommend special alignments when necessary.  The Classification Committee will review all special alignments prior to the board of control meeting.  The board of control will ratify all classifications at their biannual meetings.
  2. Classifications for each sport shall be listed in their respective sport bulletin.  

     When the MPSSAA Board of Control adopts classifications for member schools, the classifications shall remain in effect for the next two school years.  If a new MPSSAA member school opens or a member school whose enrollment is significantly changed (significantly changed is defined as a decrease or an increase of more than 25 percent) than that school shall be placed in the proper classification by the Classification Committee.  This new placement shall affect ONLY the involved school and may not affect the classification of other member schools.

     When a member MPSSAA school does not have all three grades included in the enrollment figures upon which the classification is based in the even-numbered year, but will have all three grades in the following odd-numbered year when classification becomes effective, the enrollment figure shall include the existing grades and average of the current class sizes applied to each projected grade.