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Once Again, The EXCLUSIVE Beverage Of MPSSAA Is Chocolate Milk!!

December 20, 2017 01:08 PM
Refuel with chocolate milk logo.

     For the third consecutive year, the MPSSAA is pleased to announce a partnership with the American Dairy Association North East for the 2017-18 school year which once again designates low-fat chocolate milk as the exclusive beverage of the MPSSAA.  Studies show that low-fat chocolate milk is a great option for high school athletes. It’s a nutrient-packed fitness drink that can play an important role in their workout recovery routines. 

     In addition to the American Dairy Association North East’s contribution to the MPSSAA, the partnership will provide opportunities for participants and spectators at the Soccer, Indoor Track, Wrestling, and Outdoor Track state championships to receive nutritional information and samples of low-fat chocolate milk to spread the word about this tasty and healthy option in aiding the body’s recovery from fitness activities.

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