Proper education on the signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment of concussions is a major health and safety issue with interscholastic athletics. Concussions have the ability to show signs not just right after a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body but days or even weeks after the occurrence. This section of the MPSSAA Health and Safety site is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date resources on concussion management for coaches, parents and student-athletes. 

MSDE Concussion Task Force Recommended Forms for Local School Systems
(Parent/Guardian Consent, Pre-Participation Reporting Form, Medical Clearance, Graduated Return to Play Protocol, Appropriate Educational Accommodations Sheet, Probably Head Injury Flow Chart, Roles and Responsibilities Chart) (Updated July 1, 2013)

MSDE Recommendations to Mitigate Injuries for Local School Systems
(September, 2013)

 "Policies and Programs on Concussions for Public Schools and Youth Sports"  (Updated, December 2012)

Report  of the Traumatic Brain Injury/Sports-Related Concussion Task Force (1/13)

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